Seekers of truth seek me for Norse spirituality first, astral travel extraterrestrial experiences second. But I am also an adept at the authentic Egyptian numerology. There are so many forms of numerology, so many supposed Egyptian forms of numerology, but this is the truest from my experience. It’s based on Chaldean Hebrew gemetria. The rooms have their own numerology as well you’ll be surprised to see the similarities and enlightened when you notice the differences.
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For many years I have taught spiritual classes on primarily Norse & Egyptian spiritual practices with NYC’s Edgar Cayce & Meta Centers. I host large meditation events on the east coast on several unique fields!
I am looking for a quality SPIRITUAL STORE or ART GALLERY to sell my jewelry. I am a rare, tireless entertainer, salesperson and psychic. I have huge social media reach and can work day and night continuously! I don’t even need to eat, but there’s one thing I won’t do and that’s be complacent! If you would like to make a connection happen contact me. If it works out I will pay you!
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Everyone should be aware that our holidays originate in Pagan ways. However the Rune calendars of old cover much more! Vikings, Saxons and Egyptians all have these calendars with differences. The dates to watch out for that I offer are wrought of discussion, combining and subtracting and looking back into hundreds of years of recorded events. For the past 12 years I have painstakingly documented my life experiences in relation to the Rune calendar.


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