WINTER FINDING (contemporary ‘MABON’) is the beginning of fall! Traditionally it is a time to joyously celebrate, put out our individual fires and create a communal Bonfire.🌠🔥⚡👽🌟🦋👑🌷 Give food offerings, raise them up, there are names to call, Gods are always thanked. Leave the offerings near a tree or boulder. A fairy cairn is also a good location. I don’t think animals should eat what you give… Eastern Scandinavians burned offerings to send it to spirit. ASK your Oracle of choice and POST HERE, let’s discover what SPIRIT desires! 🔥⚡👽🌟🦋👑🌷 It’s a good time to clean house for winter. For there will be days were the spirit realm’s involvement is such that we must be careful not to insult! 🔥⚡👽🌟🦋👑🌷 Tri-state Spiritual community: this weekend check out Heart of Oneness! It’s not too late to vend, guests can get tickets at the door. 🔭🌠💜👽✨ I am looking for a quality SPIRITUAL STORE or ART GALLERY to sell my jewelry. I am a rare, tireless entertainer, salesperson and psychic. I have huge social media reach and can work day and night continuously! I don’t even need to eat, but there’s one thing I won’t do and that’s be complacent! If you would like to make a connection happen contact me. If it works out I will pay you! 💜🗽💜🎿💜❄️💜🦌 … … . #Mabon #winterfinding #autumnequinox #Stargate #ascension #starseed #pleiadian #ascendedmaster #ascension #Sorcery #Magick #witch #Energywork #runes #lightworker